AQIS Accredited Export Services


AQIS accreditation allows our veterinarian, Dr Tracy Sparks to perform testing and treatment work for the government which is required by importing countries prior to the admission of your pet.  Pre-export preparations includes health examinations, blood testing, administering vaccines or medications, and issuing all the necessary paperwork to export your pet.


As every country's import requirements are different we recommend you visit the MICoR website for details and contact the clinic well in advance of your intended departure date. Although you can arrange all the travel arrangements yourself, many clients find it helpful to do this through a pet transport company.


For specific information on exporting your pet, please contact AQIS on 1800 900  090 or the Live Animal Office - Brisbane on (07) 3246 8731.  More information on the steps involved in exporting your pet can be viewed at the Department of Agriculture Exporting live animals: Companion Animals website.