Covid Safe

Covid-19 Update (04-03-22)

With Covid-19 restrictions ever-changing, we prefer to err on the side of caution to keep our pet parents and our clinic team safe and well. Below is what to expect when you next visit Stones Corner Vet.

4/3/22 6pm- Our team will be continuing to wear face masks, and we would request that clients respect this also. Face masks will continue to be required when entering the consultation room. Please bring your own face mask where possible. The clinic also has face masks available at reception.

We thank you for your continued understanding at this time.

Only persons that are well and have not been in contact with unwell persons should attend the clinic. If you are unwell or have been in contact with someone that has been unwell, we would ask that you wait outside the clinic. We will assist you either outside or over the phone.

Face masks are encouraged when at the clinic and are required when entering the consultation room. Our team will continue to wear face masks when serving you.

Checking in using the QLD App QR code and showing your vaccination status green tick is now optional.

QLD Government guidelines may change, and our team will instruct you as needed.

Preparing for your visit

Book online at or call the team on 3391 3991.

When needing food or medication we still appreciate you planning ahead and order via our online form, email or by calling the team. Payment over the phone is appreciated to allow a quick collection of products.

Arriving at the clinic

We appreciate only 1 member of the family visiting the clinic where at all possible. Please only bring the pet that is booked for the visit.

Arrive at your allocated appointment time (arriving early is not necessarily helpful at this time). Press the intercom and let our team know you have arrived. They will direct where to wait, dependent on capacity within the clinic.

In-clinic consultations

Currently, our consultations will occur as normal within the consultation room. One pet-parent is welcome to come in and be part of the conversation with our team. Masks are encouraged inside the clinic and are required inside the consultation room as social distancing is not always possible. 


Curbside consultations

If Brisbane requires lockdown procedures, our team will speak to you via the front door intercom and your mobile phone while you take a seat in our outdoor waiting area. Your pet will be cared for inside the clinic by our veterinary and nursing team. 

If the vet requests your direct assistance in restraining your pet during the appointment, the vet will let you know. This is not routine and is strictly at the vet’s discretion. Should this be required, both pet owner and clinic staff will be required to wear a mask.

Payment options

Tap-n-go payment is the preferred payment method once your pet is finished in consultation. Should lock down procedures come into place, payment over the phone with your credit card will be appreciated. If collecting your hospitalised pet, and for product order payment, over the phone credit card payments are also requested.

Cash payments should be avoided at this time.

Purchasing pet food and over-the-counter products

Pre-ordering is preferred however our team is happy to assist you and will collect items required for payment with credit card over the phone.


During non-lock down times, our hydrobath is opened every Saturday from 8.15am to 12.15pm (no booking required). Please phone us on 3391 3991 or drop into reception to let us know you are ready on the back deck. Our team will look after your dog wash while you relax on the back deck. Should we require your direct assistance, both pet owner and clinic staff will be required to wear a mask.

Our Hydrobath will be closed during lock down periods.