Covid-19 Update (20/04/20):

As the world changes, so too does our clinic. Here's what's new at Stones Corner Vet:

  • Preparing for your visit
    Book online at or call the team on 3391 3991.
    When needing food or medication plan ahead and order via our online form, email or by calling the team. Payment over the phone is appreciated to allow a quick collection of products.
  • Arriving at the clinic
    We appreciate only 1 member of the family visiting the clinic where at all possible. Please only bring the pet that is booked for the visit.
    Arrive at your allocated appointment time (arriving early is not necessarily helpful at this time). Press the intercom and let our team know you have arrived. They will direct you to take a seat in our outdoor waiting area (bench seats)
  • Contactless consulting
    We appreciate you entrusting us with your pet’s care. All appointments will be conducted with only our team present.
    Our receptionist will ask you questions about your pet’s condition on the phone when you are booking the appointment to assist in our consult process. You are welcome to also bring along a written list of what you would like done during the appointment. Upon arrival, our receptionist will discuss your pet’s consult, and our vet will call your mobile to talk to you about your pet’s condition and treatment plan.
  • Payment options
    Payment over the phone with credit card is preferred. Tap and go cards can also be used if needed, we will bring the EFTPOS machine to you.
    Cash payments will not be accepted at this time.
    For pre-ordered medication and food pick ups we can arrange payment over the phone prior to collection.
  • Non-Essential Services
    To remain opened for business we ask that you consider your pets needs prior to scheduling appointments. We would respectfully request that non-essential services (such as grooming) when they can be performed at home are done so during this time. Please contact our team on 3391 3991 if you are unsure if treatment is needed.
  • Saturday Hydrobaths
    Hydrobaths are currently closed as a non-essential service. Please call our team on 3391 3991 to arrange the right shampoo products for your pet's care at home. Please note that all VIP Hydrobath Cards will be valid when we reopen the hydrobath. 

We thank you for your understanding at this time.





Our mission is to provide exceptional quality care and services for all our patients, in sickness and in health!

Stones Corner Vet Surgery opened its doors in 1982.  Dr Rhondda McHugh and Dr Tracy Sparks, two knowledgeable and experienced veterinarians are assisted by our veterinary and nursing team to provide modern, professional and affordable health care for your pets. We aim to make your pet feel at ease in our clinic with a caring and gentle approach to treatment and consultations. 

At Stones Vet Corner, you’ll be fully supported with sound advice first and foremost. We know that  helping our clients starts with providing a good understanding of health care issues and treatment options. With good advice and professional recommendations, you’ll be well equipped to make the best ongoing health care decisions for your pet.

Our surgery provides a full range of veterinary services including examinations, vaccinations, routine and specialist surgeries, microchipping, nutritional advice and pre-export preparation for overseas travel by our AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service) accredited veterinarian. We have in-house radiography, clinical pathology and modern dental facilities to assist us in making an accurate diagnosis and provide optimal treatment of your pet. We also offer basic clipping and hydro-bathing to keep your pets looking and smelling their best all year round, and for our feline friends our air-conditioned cattery is a home away from home. Our clinic stocks a wide range of flea and worm preventative products, premium food, treats and grooming products, and our vet nursing team is always available to assist you in chosing the product that is right for your pet.

A big part of our local community

Did you know that our Veterinary Hospital has been an integral part of our local community for years? Since 1982 we’ve helped thousands of our clients' cats & dogs, rabbits & guinea pigs, birds, horses and even a few snakes. Being so strongly integrated with our local community is important to us and our clients. We were honoured to be awarded a Quest Business Acheiver Award in both 2006 and 2011. Our customers know by experience that they can rely on us for sound advice and treatment options, and that their pet is in the very best hands with our team.