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Stones Corner Vet sits within a comfortable setting where your pet will feel at home. Although the clinic has been in operation for over 40 years, we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with modern medicine.

Consultation Rooms


Our team will welcome you and learn all we can about your pet in order to offer the best treatment for you and your pet. We have 3 consultation rooms for general examinations and invite pet-parents to be part of the conversation to best treat your pet.

 Alongside your pets physical examination, our vets will utilise in-house pathology services for a comprehensive analysis of blood samples, urine samples and more. Results are fast, meaning treatment and a well pet are right around the corner.


Surgical Suite

Radiographs are often needed in accurately diagnosing a range of cases, including aches and pains. Our digital radiograph offers the very best to allow treatment to continue without delay. What's more, we also offer digital radiographs for our dental patients to ensure the healthiest teeth and gums possible.

For minor treatments as well as surgeries we will request that our team take your pet “out back”. Our surgical suite is fully equipped to offer soft tissue, orthopaedic and dental procedures. The materials and equipment used in treating your pet ensures maximum safety. Equipment includes multiple anaesthetic machines, anaesthetic monitoring devices and off course a dedicated nurse to monitor and care for your pet, alongside our experienced veterinary team.